A cancer diagnosis is typically accompanied by a leave of absence from work, leading to little or no means of getting by. There are many local cancer patients who deal with financial stress in addition to the plethora of emotions that is coupled with cancer. We raise money to help pay for bills, surgeries, doctor visits, and  day-to-day essentials that you and I don‘t even think twice about.  

You can join me and my amazing crew at any of our charity fundraisers to benefit an AWESOME cause. All volunteers are personal friends of mine who are just as passionate about this as I am.  We host a variety of events ranging from boot camp to t-shirt fundraisers.  

We don't send your donations to larger organizations or spend it on unnecessary "stuff". Every cent goes directly to local Las Vegas cancer patients in treatment who need a little help getting by. Our bank account will never be huge, that would mean we weren't doing our job!

Our Mission

Cancer Train raises money through a variety of charity events, or direct donations, for young adults who need help offsetting bills while undergoing cancer treatment...because cancer patients can't wait for a cure.


Cancer Train was founded by Trish Georges of Las Vegas, Nevada. In 2006, her best friend of 21 years was diagnosed with Synovial Sarcoma, a rare cancer in his lungs -  he wasn't even a smoker. In 2009, Trish was diagnosed with Cystosarcoma Phyllodes, a rare breast tumor that doesn't respond to chemo, radiation, or hormonal therapy. Three surgeries later, she was tumor-free. While Trish was out celebrating her 1 year cancerversary, she got a phone call that her dear friend was in the ICU and had only hours to live. She immediately left her party that Saturday night and they would spend the next 2 days saying their final goodbyes. After 4 long years of surgeries, chemo, and radiation, Bobby Nard lost his battle to cancer on Monday, September 20, 2010 at 4:15am. He was only 37. 

"During my surgeries, I was fortunate enough to have co-workers sponsor a car wash for me and they raised a nice amount of money to help cover some bills while I couldn't work. As a paramedic, you don't get to go on light duty until you're physically strong enough again. Bobby also had an amazing support system that held a few fundraisers which helped him get through, too. Some people aren't so lucky.

The hope you get when you see people you don't even know come together to help you is a bit overwhelming. It makes you feel like no matter what happens, you'll be ok. The last night I spent with Bobby, I put my very first cancer bracelet on his wrist and I promised him that I would never stop fighting for us. There will always be some anger and guilt that I'm still here and he isn't, but to not put that energy to good use would be a complete waste. When you're 16 years-old, you don't think this is how the story will end and you definitely don't think this is what your last picture together will look like. I'll always be grateful that we got to say goodbye when so many others don't ever have that opportunity. I've learned that people don't have time to wait for a cure, they need help RIGHT NOW. I'm not here to find a cure for cancer, I just want to make someone's fight a little easier."  - Trish Georges.

Cancer Train was born.

Our logo is quite personal, as the pink half of the ribbon represents Trish's breast cancer while the white half represents Bobby's lung cancer.

What We've Achieved

  • Humanitarian of the Year Award
  • Luxury Las Vegas Magazine: Health and Beauty, May 2013
  • Breast Cancer Wellness Magazine: Healing Heroes, April 2013
  • Las Vegas Review Journal, Breast Cancer Edition - October 2012
  • Vegas Seven Magazine - October 2012
  • Fox 5's Shining Star Award for serving the community
  • "Excellence in Community Service Award" by the College of Southern Nevada in August 2014